Hi, Tailscale!

I'm Hanan — a web developer with a background in design.


I'm a web developer, designer, and knitter living in Chicago. 

Currently, I work as an independent web developer, where I primarily collaborate with small to medium-sized businesses to build their e-commerce websites, usually on Shopify. Occasionally, I'll work on a marketing website, redesign a website for a non-profit, or build a personal website for a friend. 

Before working independently, I was on the Marketing team at the Chicago Architecture Center. As a Web Designer at the Chicago Architecture Center, I was working collaboratively with various departments to maintain and standardize new brand guidelines for the web and across marketing communications.  Before that, I was a designer at Studio 424, a small branding agency that closed in 2017. 

Freelance development support for Redmond. Helped design and build Careers and Markets page. Built with Vue, Nuxt, and headless WordPress. Branding by Someoddpilot. 

Shopify Theme development for Forage Kombucha, a health-focused food and beverage company. With Margot Harrington. Brand & Design by Breakout Studio. 

Development for a non-profit. Using Eleventy, Sanity, Netlify. Design by Naomi Shultz

Erin Watson's Personal Website, 2024

Personal website for Erin Watson, a writer in Chicago. Design and development. Using just good 'ol HTML and CSS. Hosted on Netlify.

View GitHub code here.